Apps for event planners

Written by Paul
Jan 06, 2016

Apps for corporate event planners

According to recent reports around 47,000 apps are downloaded every minute throughout the world. Apps now help to run (and sometimes ruin) our lives. They can help us lose weight, get fit, finder a partner, learn a language, save money, or just mindlessly occupy us on a slow tube journey. There are plenty of broad appeal apps that are of great use to event planners such as Evernote, Dropbox, Google docs or Hootsuite, however we want to look at apps designed specifically for the events industry.

Guidebook Guidebook allows event planners to create easy to use event apps from a simple online dashboard in 4 easy steps. There are various features to choose from such as event agendas, realtime feedback and polling, session registrations, maps, attendee networking and social media feeds. Planners can also upload sponsors advertising banners to the app, offering a new stream of revenue. While the event is live organisers can use the online dashboard to send push notifications to delegates, host polls and gather feedback immediately following seminars. Considering the amount of options and ease of use the pricing is pretty good, the best package costs $6500 a year so for those organising numerous events this would be a worthwhile investment. One of the biggest problems event planners face is engaging their audiences in a meaningful way. We’ve all come across that one person at a conference who loves the sound of their own voice and has no problems asking questions or giving their opinions to an audience of hundreds but most of us are too shy. offers a genuinely great solution to this with their web app (no fiddly downloads required). Organisers can set up an event stream with unique access code and then crowd source questions for panel discussion and live stream them, along with audience opinions. The real benefit is that audiences can submit everything anonymously if they choose to, meaning anyone can get involved. There’s a moderators login so you don’t need worry about dubious questions or statements flashing up, and the audience can vote up questions they want to see answered. The app can also be used to host live audience polls, share slides or presentations, and stream event twitter feeds. Prices are both flexible and reasonable, there’s even a free option for smaller events.

DoubleDutch DoubleDutch is direct competition to Guidebook offering many similar features such as agendas, networking opportunities, surveys & polls and sponsor opportunities. The app can also be used in part offline when wifi/service isn’t available. For organisers there is a great reporting dashboard for planners to review an events successes and failures. There is also features for exhibitors, including a built in badge scanner to capture delegate details.

Super Planner Ok, this app isn’t going to win any awards for innovation nor presentation but it is pretty handy nonetheless. Essentially a glorified calculator the app features a number of useful tools to help figure out venue capacities, food & beverage numbers, pricing conversions, tax calculations and the number of staff needed. For a relative bargain of just £7.99 it could be well worth downloading.

Screenshots from the DoubleDutch event app

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