Eight ways to choose the perfect conference venue for your next event

Written by Paul
Sep 10, 2018

Top tips to help you find the ideal conference venue for your next event

You’ve lined up the speakers. You’ve got a guest-list of your industry’s great and good. All you need now is the venue – and finding the right conference venue in London can often feel like a daunting task.

Check out our guide below for the top eight things you need to think about when you’re scouting suitable sites. Get these right and you’ve got nothing to worry about. Well, almost nothing.

1) Did you receive a warm welcome at reception and from the other members of staff you met on your visit? Remember your delegates will likely get the same first impression. Make sure it’s a good one.

2) Talking of first impressions, are you impressed by the conference room or does the event space feel outdated and – dare we say it – like it needs a bit of a clean? Think about whether it sets the right tone for your organisation and more importantly your event.

3) Getting there… Is the venue easily reached from a train or tube station, or can delegates park there if they prefer to travel by car? The latter is a bit of a luxury for London conference venues, but it’s well worth checking.

4) Can you eat there – and more importantly, would you want to? Find out if the conference venue you’re checking out offers on-site catering that will meet a variety of dietary requirements. Ask for sample menus to get a taste of the options.

Pictured above: CCT Venues-Docklands, The Sugar Lounge

5) Does the event space offer the right conference facilities for your event? Find out whether there’s a room big enough for your conference, considering the furniture you’ll need and that you’ll want your delegates to feel comfortable. Some conference venues in London even offer outside space which works wonders for post-conference drinks or as a refreshing break-out area.

6) It’s all about the ambience… Does the conference venue fit the image you’re hoping to convey through your event? Consider whether your delegates would prefer a corporate London venue in a glossy skyscraper with breath-taking views or a more modern and quirky Central London event space and choose accordingly.

7) Is the event space accessible for all? To run an event that everyone can enjoy, double-check that the space is wheelchair-friendly, and has hearing loops available.

8) And finally, can you get that all-important on-site technical support? Fast, free Wi-Fi is a must, but will you be able to access help from the experts if you need to get equipment up and running, or if something dares to go wrong? Find out in advance to set your mind at rest.

Pictured above: CCT Venues Plus-Bank Street, The Vista Suite

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