Seven things you need to know when booking a London training venue

Written by Paul
Sep 10, 2018

Top tips to help you plan the perfect training event

1. Set a budget

The first thing you should do when starting your search for a training venue in London is define your budget. The cheapest option isn’t necessarily going to be the best choice – especially if it’s not in an area that will appeal to your potential delegates.

Find out whether your venue offers good value for money by establishing what’s included when you book a training room. Packages to cover refreshments and technical support can help you keep track of those all-important finance, and it’s worth checking if you can get more for your money at different times of year when demand – and fees – might be lower.

2. Location, location, location

Don’t let the location let you down next time you’re looking for a training venue. Easy transport links are a must, but that’s not the only thing to consider when you’re scouting for a space.

Your London location should also reflect the tone of your training session and appeal to the delegates. A top-floor venue in Canary Wharf could be the perfect choice for a board of executives, while a stylish suite somewhere central could be a better option for a creative crowd. The right ambience can have a tremendous impact on the success of your session.

3. Support, service and stuff

Depending on what you’ve got planned for your session, you’ll need a different range of facilities and support from your training venue. Whether that’s technical support, an outdoor area, a restaurant, syndicate rooms, equipment or anything else, make sure you ask up front when you’re narrowing down the list of potential places.

Keep the following in mind when you’re looking:

• Define the facilities you’ll need from a London training venue to ensure your session goes smoothly

• Check that the venue provides everything you need

• Speak to the venue to fine-tune the details before your training session and ensure you know how to get help on the day if you need it

4. Getting technical

Reliable technology is vital for any event. That’s why it’s always worth checking out the equipment available and support provided when you’re booking a training venue.

Don’t forget to ask what training room facilities and technical support will be available on the day. It’s also handy to know where the closest charging stations are, whether there’s a cost to access the Wi-Fi and how fast the connection usually is.

5. The right refreshments

If you want your training session to impress, then a plate of Custard Creams isn’t really going to cut it. Ask your training venue about the refreshments they can provide – and think about what might be appropriate for your event and the people attending.

Ask yourself: Do you need to think about providing delegates with breakfast or lunch if you’re hosting an all-day session? Can the venue cater for vegans and those with allergies or halal requirements? And what kind of impression do you want to make on your delegates? Great food gets remembered. Make sure your event is memorable for the right reasons.

6. Assess the accommodation

As the UK’s biggest business hub, London attracts people from all over the world so your delegates might have travelled some distance to reach the training venue you choose.

Contact the venue to find out if there are hotels nearby and get an idea of prices for your clients to look at. It’s also useful to know if there are shuttle services that run between large hotels and the local area.

7. Easy access for all

Finally, by ensuring that the training venue you choose has the appropriate accessibility precautions in place, you’ll benefit from maximum ttendance and your delegates will enjoy an equal opportunity to attend and engage with the session.

Considering the following when looking to book your next London training venue:

• Does the venue have in place the necessary methods of access for any delegates that may be restricted to wheelchair or crutch usage?

• Are sound-loops and other audio devices in place in the common areas and the training room for those hard of hearing?

• Are there necessary safety features and procedures in place to deal with an emergency should it occur?

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