Q&A - Delfina Pion - Ping Pong Restaurants

Written by Paul
Sep 18, 2018

In our latest Q&A feature we talk to Delfina Pion, Head of Sales & Events at Ping Pong Restaurants in London

Tell us about your role at Ping Pong and how long you’ve been there:

I’ve been the Head of Sales & Events at Ping Pong Restaurants for over a year now. My job consists of making people happy and taking away all the stress of organising an event, as well as exceeding our customers expectations. Every event and every client is different, so my job is to make sure that we deliver the event that they wish for at any circumstances. It helps that I love my job and I always help my clients the way I would want to be helped when organising an event.

What’s the best thing about working at your restaurants?

Ping Pong is a huge family with a lot of passionate people and a real customer service focus. We work really hard to make sure our venues are appealing, our product outstanding and our cocktails quirky. We are very flexible, and we are always happy to create bespoke menus for our clients.

How did you get into the industry?

How long do you have?! I started as a waitress 17 years ago in Paris, it was supposed to be a temporary job but I fell in love with the industry. It allowed me to travel and work in Spain and the States before arriving in London in 2008. I always wanted to work in events so one day I just quit my job and looked for a one that would help me go towards my goal. I worked a year and a half at a Drake & Morgan venue, The Folly, where I learnt a lot. After my time at Drake and Morgan, I had an opportunity to work for Brasserie Blanc where a new role had been created. It was the best learning experience I had. I stayed for 3 years with them, developing all aspects of sales, events and tour groups. I then moved on and ended up at Ping Pong, which I love.

What’s the history of Ping Pong?

From its early concept a clear direction was set for Ping Pong and the group was to become known for Dim Sum, Cocktails and Tea. An essential part of the Dim Sum culture is sharing among family and friends. The founders felt passionate that Ping Pong should bring an authentic Dim Sum experience to London, but with its own original twist, so all dishes were created to be shared. The first Ping Pong opened at 45 Great Marlborough street in 2005 and this remains the flagship property within the group. Ping Pong currently has eight locations all over London. CEO of Ping Pong is Art Sagiryan, a long-serving member of the Ping Pong team. Art has worked within Ping Pong since its beginning and has experienced all sides of the business making him a passionate and committed CEO with a clear strategy for development – both in the business and its people.


Give us an interesting fact about your Ping Pong or tell us something we wouldn’t know

Our central kitchen is folding about 50,000 dumplings daily!

What’s the coolest/best/most interesting event you’ve worked on, and how did the venue cope with it?

We organised a product launch for a media company, which was supposed to be for 80 people. The interest went further than expected and 200 guests turned up. The venue managed it really well, the bartender got very active producing 100’s of cocktails and our dim sum masters worked those steamers with magic and produced around 600 dumplings in 2 hours. It was a huge success.


What events work best at the restaurants?

Anything really, we can organise private dinners, standing receptions, fashion shows or product launches, corporate meetings with lunches/dinners, dim sum masterclasses etc etc

Why do clients choose to host events at your restaurants?

Because we are very approachable, professional and flexible with their requests. We want to take all the stress out of their hands and make the booking journey very easy for them. It also goes without saying that our dumplings are delicious!

What are your venues top 3 USPs that separate you from other venues?

Delicious and affordable dumplings in stylish locations

A professional & approachable events team to help our clients at any time

Unique & quirky cocktails


What changes or exciting plans are coming up in 2018 for the venue?

This is top secrets but a lot of amazing offers and news are about to come. Watch this space!

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