Conference Venue Setup Guide

Written by Ralph
Jul 30, 2014

Boardroom Style Setup

Great for small meetings where one-on-one interaction is essential. Generally suitable for meetings up to 25 people. Much beyond this and you will find yourself shouting down the table. Ideal set up for when there is a meeting chairman.

Cabaret Style Setup

Cabaret style is great for group interaction enabling delegates to work together and talk freely. However it takes up a lot of space so a larger than normal room is required which may impact on cost. Suitable for groups of 15 to many thousand if you can find a room big enough.

U-Shape Style Setup

This set up is ideal when you have a training session with a presenter at the front of the room. It allows for a screen to be set up so everyone can see it and for delegates to talk easily among themselves. Suitable for groups up to 25 people.

Theatre Style Setup

The most popular room set up for large conferences. Suitable where the primary aim for delegates is to listen. The lack of a table to set up a computer or write can be restricting. This is the best set up for saving space with a high number of delegates being able to use a modest size room. Suitable for all group sizes.

Classroom Style Setup

Classroom style set up is great for large conferences where people need a desk in front of them. It takes up more space than theatre style but much less space than cabaret. It can feel a bit like being back at school. Suitable for groups up to many thousands if you can find a venue with enough tables.

Square Style Setup

An alternative to boardroom style giving delegates a bit more space. The benefit over boardroom style is that you can more easily interact with people at opposite corners of the table. Suitable for groups up to 40 people.

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