London DDR guide

Written by Paul
Sep 01, 2014

A guide to DDR prices for meetings and conferences in London.

Day Delegate Rates (DDR), for those unfamiliar, usually include the following;

- Main plenary room with furniture

- Space for taking refreshment breaks, if you're a small group this will often be a shared space, for large event you'll generally be given a private reception area adjoining the conference suite.

- Tea/Coffee breaks; most DDRs include 3 breaks throughout the day and some offer unlimited refreshments. Breaks will usually be accompanied by biscuits/pastries in the morning and then cake/fruit in the afternoon.

- Lunch, ranging from standing sandwich buffets through to sit down hot lunches with silver service.

- Stationery and water in the meeting room.

- AV, this depends on the venue, some have external/internal suppliers and charge extra but many will supply the basic projector and screen in a package.

- Wifi, a basic connection for checking emails etc should be free to all delegates in the package. Some venues are still in the dark ages here unfortunately!

The DDR won't include additional rooms required for breakout sessions.

Prices below show min/max prices where the minimums are based on a Monday or Friday in a non peak month and the maximums on Tuesdays-Thursdays in premium times. They are all ex Vat.

5* hotel - £65-£120 - the 5* market varies hugely from business hotels such as the Grange Tower Bridge through to the 5* super deluxe hotels such as The Ritz or the soon to be opened Shangri-la. Given the huge gulf in standards between hotels in this grade it's hard to pinpoint an accurate price guide.

4* hotel - £40-£90 - another set of wildly different figures here due to the varying standards of hotels. For a Novotel or Hilton expect to pay between £50-£75 depending on location, for 4* deluxe such as the Pullman St Pancras rates will be closer to £80.

3* hotel - £35-£60 - a slightly narrower range here as 3* generally aren't as popular with corporates and they're often a similar standard.

Professional conference/meeting centre - £40-£70 - will offer custom built event facilities often with everything in house.

Historic venues/galleries - £60-£150 - venues such as livery halls are often either represented by venue management company or caterer, in which case DDRs are readily available, or they work on a venue hire only basis. If this is the case then you will effectively need to build your own delegate package and work with caterers and production companies to bring everything in. This can become costly quite quickly and make them unsuitable for small meetings and events.

Museums - £50-£85 - prices here depend on whether or not the museum has internal or external caterers. Some great museum for event are the British Museum and the Museum of London. For something slightly more unusual try the Museum of Brands and Packaging.

Theatres - £30-£65 - not often the first thought for many people booking and meeting or conference but theaters often house lots of superb spaces. Theaters are naturally perfect for large conference of 500+ but will have restrictions with times due to performances.

Sports venues - £35-£75 - these venues make their crust through sporting events however often sit empty during weekdays and off season. During these times they often offer keen deals to get people through the doors. Most sports venues have plentiful spaces from large conference suites to meeting /breakout rooms, the latter usually doubling up as private boxes match days and therefore offering great pitch views. Are also usually located very close to tube stations. Check out the Kia Oval for great event spaces and super prices.

Academic venues - £25-£65 - our go-to venues for clients with smaller budgets, academic venues offer lots of great spaces with plentiful built in AV and super prices. During the summer months they can provide accommodation in halls at excellent rates for large groups.

Written by Paul Moynihan, Director of If you require a venue anywhere in the UK for an event then submit a free enquiry to venues in that area, it’s simple, free and gives access to great savings.