How does a Venue Finder Work?

Written by Paul
Sep 29, 2014

How does a venue finder work?

Whenever I tell anyone what I do for a living, be they friends, relatives or the strange and inebriated folk that populate the down trodden bars of Reading, the response is nearly always the same, “what is a venue finder?”. I suspect if I told them that I worked as a middle man bringing together sugar daddies with loose principled young ladies the response wouldn’t contain the same incredulity. Being a patient and charming chap I appreciate their questions and take the time to explain exactly what we offer and how we go about doing it.

Most jobs can be explained in simplistic terms, ours we would be that we find and negotiate prices with venues on behalf of our clients in return for a commission, paid to us by the venue should the client book. Of course like every other job out there when you boil things down they become somewhat more complex.

To sum it up here’s my take on what is involved in the role of a venue finder

Use our in-depth market knowledge to suggest and approach the right venues given the customers requirements.

Collect proposals for clients with optimal information to enable them to make an informed decision.

Answer questions regarding venues and request further information when required.

To negotiate with venues on areas such as price, availabilities, added values, upgrades etc

Ensure that customers are being quoted fair prices given the current market conditions and to keep abreast of where the market is in terms of pricing.

To keep venues up to date with customers decisions and not leave them holding space unduly.

To stay ahead of event trends and keep up to date with the latest venues that are opening.

Push through deals between customers and venues.


Often customers are wary that using a third party will mean that prices are inflated to cover our fees. Firstly most agents have a serious amount of buying power and therefore can secure prices far better than you would achieve as an individual event booker. Secondly in most venues commission is seen as a marketing expense so it’s never added onto a clients event price. Agents are far more widespread than most people realise, in London some 50%+ of all venue bookings are said to go through an agent, with some venues reporting over 80% of business being delivered from agents. With that in mind you’ll find that any rates sought via agents will almost always be the most competitive and accurate. In fact just today we’ve had a client book a 3 day residential training event with us where we had secured her a price that was 25% lower than the rate quoted directly by the venue and 45% lower than the venues usual rack rate, a clear example of the power of the agent!

Ultimately our job is to save our customers time and money, which given the amount of positive feedback has received since it’s launch we seem to be doing pretty well!