Choosing a Venue Which Suits Your Event

Written by Paul
Oct 03, 2014

Choosing a venue that suits your event.

It’s all very well going out and checking dates, prices, availabilities and location however when booking a venue the key question to be answered is “Does this venue fit for our event?”. By this we mean answering those more subjective questions that are in fact far more important than any of the aforementioned.

Demographic: Look at who is attending the event. What’re their backgrounds, their personalities, job roles etc and decide what sort of venue these people would like to go to and be seen in. If you’re hosting a group of young programmers or designers then a warehouse or ultra modern space may be the best fit. Foreign delegations often want to experience a stereotyped image of the UK so head to one of the Park Lane hotels or somewhere like Coworth Park. Most importantly chose somewhere that the delegates will feel comfortable in, sometimes bland is best if you have a huge range of personalities so don’t feel like you need somewhere with certain characteristics.

Message/Aims: We’ll assume that you know why you’re holding the event so breakdown the aims and targets to decide what style of venue may suit best. If you’re holding an annual sales kick off the venue should be one that inspires and focuses on the future, so look to venues that are modern, bright and interesting. If you’re running training workshops try to steer clear of the usual hum-drum and banal rooms and perhaps look at going to a university for a real educational feel.

We recently had a client with an interesting dilemma. They are sizeable yet exclusive wealth management company and were looking to host a marketing event for potential customers, all of who were very wealthy and looking to invest serious sums of money. Our client had to tread a fine line, finding a venue that people would want to attend and be impressed by yet not leave with the impression that this company were the sort to spend lavish amounts on wooing clients. They didn’t want people leaving thinking that firstly they used high end venues to lure people and secondly they wouldn’t be wasting profits, which could be returned to their investors, on such venues. The most important factor here was that the venue was not to outshine the message, something that should always be noted.

Your brand: Without wanting to come across as an unqualified marketer (which I am) your company's brand, voice and tone should flow through everything it does and this includes any events. Often the only way to establish whether the venue fits your business is to visit them and soak in the atmosphere, whether that be through an arranged site visit or by popping in for a coffee.

Written by Paul Moynihan, Director of If you require a venue anywhere in the UK for an event then submit a free enquiry to venues in that area saving yourself time and money.