Venue Review: Eccleston Square Hotel

Written by Paul
May 13, 2015

Eccleston Square Hotel - SW1V 1PB

I must admit I was slightly sceptical when I made my visit to Eccleston Square, a hotel that describes itself as London’s most high tech hotel. Call me old fashion but I don’t want a technical hotel, preferring instead to have service and a bit of luxury over gadgetry. However, on arrival my concerns are unfounded, the hotel is finished to one of the highest standards I have ever seen and the service is exemplary. Thankfully technology is being used here to heighten the guests experience, rather than to save on staff or as a gimmick.

I could bore you all day with the technical details but I shall refrain and instead offer a brief summary. Each room has an iPad with bespoke app allowing all room service etc to be ordered. Need toiletries? Not a problem, order on the app and they’ll be delivered swiftly. There are even iPads in the lifts showing live news. In the bathrooms TV’s are fitted in the steam proof mirrors, underfloor heating and shower walls change from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button. Further buttons in the bedroom control the lights, curtains and the positioning of the beds, which cost £12k a pop from a high end Swedish manufacturer (haha, no not Ikea). Rooms aren’t big, it is a converted townhouse after all, however they all have a 46” HD TV with Blu Ray players, for which there is an extensive DVD library.

The hotel has just one events space, a well appointed boardroom/private dining area for around 14 delegates. Of course there is a little bit of technology here, well I say a little, what I mean is a whopping plasma screen measuring 103”. Mega.