Venue Review: OXO2

Written by Paul
May 13, 2015

OXO2 - SE1 9PH

London is full of iconic buildings, from cathedrals to skyscrapers, the works of John Nash through to those of Erno Goldfinger. The Oxo tower on the South Bank is certainly one of them, although unlike many others it’s not because it’s pretty, nor because it’s ugly. In fact it’s safe to say that should those three iconic letters not have spent the last few decades illuminating London at night it would probably have been demolished by now.

OXO2 occupies the second floor of the tower and is in our opinion one of the finest venues in London. The venue is split into two spaces of roughly equal size, the East Side and the West Side. Both rooms have floor to ceiling windows running the length which offer views directly over the Thames, in fact it’s so close to the river that if you fell out of one of the french doors you would end up pretty wet. The venue split works perfectly for most events where one area serves as a reception/registration/catering/entertainment zone and the other can be used for conferences/gala dinners etc. With regards to the decor they have gone for a sensible minimalist approach, white walls, wooden floors and an abundance of natural daylight. This means that the venue looks great undressed, but also that you are given a blank canvas should you wish to add your own touch.

Given the location it’s not the cheapest venue in London (also far from the most expensive), but it certainly offers value in terms of experience and quality.