No Public Liability Insurance equals Entry Blocked at the Venue Door

Written by Paul Cook
May 20, 2015

No Public Liability Insurance equals Entry Blocked at the Venue Door

You may disagree with the statement that ‘No Public Liability Insurance equals Entry Blocked at the Venue Door’, but there have been real situations with some venues where this has happened. Is it a bad thing well only you can decide but whichever way you see this, it is a fact that venues in the UK are seeking evidence of insurance before allowing event planners to stage their events. And it’s a trend that is here to stay.

This post is written from an English perspective and takes account of how the legal system works in England & Wales. In different parts of the world there are other Legal systems which impact on how insurance operates and therefore if you are going to hold an event overseas it would be best to find out what the insurance requirements are (some are compulsory and some voluntary) before you arrive on the venue doorstep hoping to gain access.

In most parts of the UK, a venue operator/owner wants to be secure in the knowledge that you (the event planner/hiring organisation) have insurance enabling you to claim from your policy and not that of the venue. The venue will be looking for evidence of your Public Liability insurance. Some planners believe that they are covered by the venue but that is unlikely to be the case (it happens only in a small number of venues).

The venue will want to know that you have a policy in place that covers the period of you hiring the venue. In some cases the venue may have detailed in their Terms and Conditions the level of cover that you need to have. If you have a policy that has a Limit lower than that which the venue are seeking you should contact your insurance advisor for a Top Up.

The Public Liability insurance (what follows are broad guidelines and Insurance Policy wordings should be examined if you want further clarification) protects you for negligence in the case of injury to people (not staff/stewards/volunteers as these would be covered under Employers’ Liability cover) and for Damage to Third Party Property; i.e. property that isn’t owned or hired by you.

You can buy Public Liability insurance for an individual event, a series of events or you could even buy an annual policy; the choice is yours. Just type ‘event insurance’ into Google and you will find all sorts of providers who can arrange the cover for you.

Whatever you decide, ensure that you have your evidence of Public Liability insurance to hand to make sure you can gain access to the venue and not be barred at the door.

Paul is a producer, consultant and speaker in Business events. His first business was to create a specialism in media and events insurance - Clarity Event Insurance

Written for We Find Venues Blog – 20 May 2015