London Private Dining Rooms for Christmas Parties

Written by Paul
Oct 06, 2015

Private Dining Venues for Christmas Parties in London

I must admit to cocking up a bit here. Originally I had planned to extoll the cost savings private dining can have for events, as many people may associate it with great expense. However I have listed some of the most expensive options London offers. My original point still stands, private dining need not be thought of as financially out of reach. Many great restaurants offer reasonable minimum spend options that make little or no difference over standard restaurant table costs. Hotels do still lag behind the times, often wanting to charge a room hire, on top of incredibly high and often inflexible menu options. They shouldn’t be avoided altogether though as many top hotels (whose menus are mostly superb) have some truly unique spaces on offer.

D&D Restaurants, Across London D&D is a chain of restaurants like no other. Out is the homogeneous branding, design and food that plagues many chains, in is a variety of unique restaurants with their own styles and flavours, from Curry to Cuban. They really do offer something for everyone with 2 Michelin starred restaurants, steak houses, Italians,restaurants with views, restaurants with character, in fact you name it they’ve probably got somewhere suitable. The beauty of D&D is the fact they are geared up to host events, they have an entire department focussed on them, so you’ll be looked after from start to finish by people who understand your needs.

The Penthouse at The Dorchester, Mayfair Located up on the hotel’s 8th floor, the Penthouse & Pavilion is a theatrical suite of rooms designed in 1953 by Oliver Messel bathed in natural daylight. The suite comes complete with a large garden terrace, complete with fountain, that offers outstanding views across the capital. Suitable for events up to 34 guests, the Dorchester is renowned for it’s culinary excellence and world class service.

The Wine Cellars at The Stafford, St James This venue is one for the oenophiles, a 380 year old cellar venue underneath one of London’s most exclusive hotels. The Stafford isn’t a shouty 5* hotel, it doesn’t need to be, it’s a traditionally British hotel that offers exemplary service to the great and the good. Those who need it know it’s there, if you don’t know it’s there, you probably don’t need it. The Cellars cater for unique private dining experiences surrounded by one of London’s best wine collections. Events are presided over by Gino Nardella, the master sommelier, whose been in residence since the 80’s, and who can host wine pairings and tastings alongside your event.

The Temple at The Andaz Hotel, City Having originally been built in the late 1800’s, what was then the Great Eastern Hotel fell into disrepair for much of the latter half of the twentieth century. During renovations in the later 90’s the architects noticed discrepancies on the blueprints and decided to remove a wall. This lead to the discovery of one of the most incredible rooms in London, the Masonic Temple. The temple had originally been built in 1912 by the same architect who designed the Houses of Parliament. As an event space it is stunning, with regal gold detailing, impressive wooden thrones and an atmosphere like no other.

Browns Courtrooms, Covent Garden I would like to call Browns the budget option of the list but it seems unfair putting such a moniker on them when they provide such great service, food and atmosphere. Just 2minutes walk from Covent Garden, Browns restaurant on St Martins Lane is set in the former Westminster County Court. Upstairs from the main dining space you’ll find 4 event spaces, including the wonderful Judge’s Court, a traditional wood panelled courtroom with beautiful high ceilings. This Christmas you can hold a party there with a 3 course meal from as little as £45 per person.

Picture of The Temple at The Andaz Hotel

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