The Brewery On Chiswell Street Conference Centre/Meeting Space

52 Chiswell Street, London,

Max 1850 delegates | £££

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About this venue

The Brewery has been a centre of innovation for over 250 years. Owned and established by Samuel Whitbread on this site in 1750 it soon grew to be the largest beer producer in London. Visited by royalty (King George III, Queen Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth II) built by experts in their field (James Watt) and aided by some of the greatest people of the era (Louis Pasteur).

In 1889 Whitbread became a private limited company with its registered office at Chiswell Street. The last pint was brewed at the Brewery on 13th April 1976. The demand for lager was growing by more than 20% a year and this called for radically different brewing installations. The city of London’s last surviving Brewery had become out of date.

The decision to convert the Brewery into a conference and banqueting centre was made at a time when the trend was for massive conferences centres to be built in the regional capitals. But detailed research commissioned by Whitbread indicated that smaller, more specialised meeting, in more accessible venues were more cost and time efficient.

Whitbread proud of its history, was anxious to preserve its architectural heritage, but clearly, it was equally important that the latest technical facilities should also be available. Both aims were achieved in a remarkable marriage of past and present, with the result that the Brewery has long been recognised as one of the most unique and popular conference and exhibition venues in the UK.

From creating one of the first private fire brigades to surviving two world wars, the Brewery has continued to evolve and innovate and is now recognised as a centre for excellence in the field of event management. The heart of what the Brewery has always been about is being the best in its field of expertise.